Pets must be kept on leash in public areas (parking, put-in, RV campground).

Different rules apply according to the type of lodging or activity.

  • Auberge de l’Accueil : no pets allowed in the suites.
  • Camping rustique 31 Milles (RV camping in the municipality of Notre-Dame-de-Pontmain : Pets must be on leash at the campground, they are prohibited from accessing the public beach.
  • Ready-to-camp (Yourte, Minka, Refuge) Pets are prohibited in the ready-to-camp installations.

Campsites: Pets are welcome at tent campsites, but owners must:

  • Leave the site in the same state as it was when you arrived, particularly animal waste must all be collected and disposed of.
  • Keep your pet under supervision at all times.
  • Keep noise levels under control to avoid disturbing other campers.