Afin d'être conforme aux mesures sanitaires, vous devez obligatoirement vous inscrire à l'événement du Ciné-Parc sur l'eau qui aura lieu le 28 août prochain à la mise à l'eau de Bouchette.

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What to do in the area


Village Majopial et Restaurant l'Huile d'Olive

Lodging, a mirina, canoe rentals, hiking trails and the renowned restaurant L’Huile d’Olive with its season regionally sourced menus are all available near the Bouchette boat launch. For more information :

Hiking trails 

Hikers will find fantastic trails surrounding 31 Mile Lake in Sainte-Thérèse-de-la-Gatineau, Bouchette and Déléage, all mapped and maintained by the Pôle d'Excellence en récréotourisme de l'Outaouais (PERO). For more information :

Wildlife interpretation 

Did you know that 31 Mile Lake is situated in one of the most important Virginia Deer runs in Quebec ?  You will find a wealth of species information and even an orphaned fawn rehabilitation center at the Centre d'interprétation du cerf de virginie à Sainte-Thérèse-de-la-Gatineau. For more information :



Code of ethics/rules/policies

Enjoy your stay and help us maintain the exceptional environment and water quality of Lac des Trente-et-Un-Milles by observing the following good practices:

General information 

  • Get ready for your stay! (Bad weather, emergencies, etc.);
  • Be respectful of other users and mindful of the quality of their experience;
  • Concentrate your activity where vegetation is absent;
  • Camp only on sites identified for this purpose;
  • Minimize the traces and impacts of your passage. Do not build structures or furniture;
  • Empty the dishwater away from the bank;
  • When your pets are allowed, make sure you have control of them at all times and make sure you pick up all the feces.


Waste management 

  • Minimize waste; and
  • Keep waste away from animals;
  • Collect all your waste and dispose of it in the bins provided for this purpose at the launches
  • Leave the site clean to your departure



  • Never throw leftover food in the water;
  • Never feed the animals;
  • Pack unused food and keep it out of reach of animals;


Wood and campfire

  • Use wood already provided on your site, ground-collected deadwood or driftwood;
  • Never clear or cut green wood;
  • If you bring your own wood, make sure it is locally sourced to prevent the spread of disease
  • Never mutilate living trees by removing bark or placing nails;
  • Use existing fire sites;
  • Watch your fire at all times;
  • Do not dispose of waste at fire sites;
  • Make sure your fire is properly extinguished before leaving


Sanitary pratices 

  • Use the dry toilets;
  • Do not dispose of waste in dry toilets (plastic, diapers, sanitary towels, etc.);
  • Use soap away from the bank;
  • Use only biodegradable soap;


Our camping and ready-to-camp cancellation policy:

  • More than one month in advance: the first night only will not be refunded;
  • 30 days to 7 days: 50% of the reservation;
  • 7 days and under: no refund;
  • Change of stay to a lesser value: $25 penalty.


Our cancellation policy at suites in Hostel:

  • Up to 4 days in advance: $25 cancellation fee;
  • 3 days in advance and less: the first night will not be refunded.
  • Note that the refund will be made directly on your credit card.

Important information



Please note that your camping stay implies an acceptance of risks relevant to all excursions un nature: far from services, often without communication to the outside world (depending on the campsite). You are entirely responsible for providing your own equipment, appropiriate clothing, food, drinking water, supervision of minors or of persons with reduced capacities in your group, first-aid kit, etc. You are also aware that all campsites are accessible by water only and thus imply all risks associated with open bodies of water including navigational difficulties and drowning. An appropriate life vest for each camper is an essential item for your excursion. The Corporation du parc régional du Lac des 31 Milles assumes no responsibility to act as your guide or purveyor of emergency aid. However, if the Corporation du parc régional du Lac des 31 Milles is made aware of an emergency and is capable of helping we will do so as  good samaritans with knowledge of the lake. 



Up to date information from the government of Québec

Our organisation and our clients are responsible for observing recommendations issued by the government of Quebec. Recommendations in effet during your stay are the ones which must be observed, regarless of the date of booking. 

Outdoor activities and camping are both low-risk activities for COVID-19 contagion however at all time we recommend to not sahre a tent or ready-to-camp unit with persons not residing at the same adress as you. If a travel ban or obligatory isolation period for COVID is in effet we will treat these cases as Force majeure, meaning we will be more flexible with our cancellation policy, contact us if this is the case for you booking.  



Forest fire prevention while camping



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La saison de camping 2021 est terminée!

Prenez note qu'à partir du 1er février 2022 dès 8h, vous pourrez réserver vos sites préférés pour la prochaine saison de camping.


On se voit l'année prochaine !