Code of ethics/rules/policies

Enjoy your stay and help us maintain the exceptional environment and water quality of Lac des Trente-et-Un-Milles by observing the following good practices:

General information 

  • Get ready for your stay! (Bad weather, emergencies, etc.);
  • Be respectful of other users and mindful of the quality of their experience;
  • Concentrate your activity where vegetation is absent;
  • Camp only on sites identified for this purpose;
  • Minimize the traces and impacts of your passage. Do not build structures or furniture;
  • Empty the dishwater away from the bank;
  • When your pets are allowed, make sure you have control of them at all times and make sure you pick up all the feces.


Waste management 

  • Minimize waste; and
  • Keep waste away from animals;
  • Collect all your waste and dispose of it in the bins provided for this purpose at the launches
  • Leave the site clean to your departure



  • Never throw leftover food in the water;
  • Never feed the animals;
  • Pack unused food and keep it out of reach of animals;


Wood and campfire

  • Use wood already provided on your site, ground-collected deadwood or driftwood;
  • Never clear or cut green wood;
  • If you bring your own wood, make sure it is locally sourced to prevent the spread of disease
  • Never mutilate living trees by removing bark or placing nails;
  • Use existing fire sites;
  • Watch your fire at all times;
  • Do not dispose of waste at fire sites;
  • Make sure your fire is properly extinguished before leaving


Sanitary pratices 

  • Use the dry toilets;
  • Do not dispose of waste in dry toilets (plastic, diapers, sanitary towels, etc.);
  • Use soap away from the bank;
  • Use only biodegradable soap;


Our camping and ready-to-camp cancellation policy:

  • More than one month in advance: the first night only will not be refunded;
  • 30 days to 8 days: 50% of the reservation;
  • 7 days and under: no refund;
  • For all site or date changes, a 8,50$ fee is added to the cancellation fees mentionned above.


Our cancellation policy at suites in Hostel:

  • Up to 4 days in advance: $8,50 cancellation fee;
  • 3 days in advance and less: the first night will not be refunded.
  • Note that the refund will be made directly on your credit card.